Play Burl Ives singing
"Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas"


Play Jonny's theme song
"Angry Jonny" by Poe

Jonny Christmas Story Trivia Challenge

So you think that you're an expert on all 21 years of Jonny Christmas Stories?
This 25-question trivia challenge will put your knowledge to the test!

Ask a Yenta

Fans of Jonny's Enemies List know that if you want an opinion, you need
to go to a loud mouth yenta. And there is no louder one than Donna Manus Suskind.
Ask Donna a question, but be warned: she doesn't mince words!

Winston's Perfect Present Quest

Winston needs your help in picking out the perfect Christmas gift for Jonny!
Click on the presents and see if you made the right choice!

Special thanks to Consuelo Aduviso Brennan.

Jonny Solitaire

Not just any solitaire! Now you can play with yourself in a world where
Jonny is King and his Jonny Pals are Queens and Jacks!