The Year in Pictures

Jon rang in the new year with his date, The Jonny Puppet.

Jon's pals Mimi Freedman, David Eck and Donna Susskind were among the audience for Lit Up!, a monthly speakers series in which Jon peformed a tribute to his friend Tracy (inset) who died in 1998.

Jon with his buddy Glenn Simon following Glenn's triumphant performance at the Golden Raspberry Awards.

Jon and Mimi Freedman at their mutual pal
Ken Summers' birthday party.

Jon and BroJoe at Joe's surprise birthday party.

Jon with colleague Jeff Baughman at an after-work soiree at
Jeff's place.

Jon directed and adapted U.S.S. Pinafore, a mash-up of
Gilbert & Sullivan and Star Trek featuring a stellar cast.

Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek's Lieutenant Uhura, attended a performance.

Jon with Dan E. Campbell after Dan's appearance in The Zodiac Thrillers.

Jon's high school friend Julie Carruthers invited him to accompany her to her friend Gloria Stuart's 100th birthday celebration on July 4th.

Jon with Titanic star Gloria Stuart
on her 100th birthday.

Jon with Titanic director
James Cameron.

Jon and co-worker Monica Tims (left) were always joking about their fictional "love children" Jon Jr. and Jonikwa, so Jon made Monica this "family portrait" (inset) for her birthday.

This photo was taken when Jon was acting as Safety Monitor for a Jewish Federation fire drill. He was laid off the following day.

Jon with Amy Ball at
Amy's birthday party.

Jon lost 50 lbs. in the past year, starting at a pudgy 215 lbs. last October and dropping to 165 lbs. in May. He has since gained 10 lbs. back and is holding steady.

Another carry-over from 2009 was the juggernaut of Jon's daily Enemies List. Here is one of Jon's favorite illustrations from the past year.

When Eck briefly joined Jon, Ken and BroJoe among the ranks of the bearded set, the moment was immortalized for posterity.

Jon with Dave Eck at the WeHo Halloween Carnival. Dave went as Khan from The Wrath of Khan. Jon went as Dave Eck.

Jon with fellow Granada Hills High School alumni
Braddon Mendelson, Monique Johnson and
Julie Carruthers at a mini-reunion in West Hollywood.

Jon in San Francisco for a job interview. Life will continue in 2011.