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To all my Jonny Pals,

2017 was marked by the loss of my beloved pug Winston, who ascended to Doggy Heaven on October 17th. I am still overwhelmed at the show of love and support I received after his passing, and I'm grateful to everyone who expressed condolences.

What follows is the 28th annual Jonny Christmas Extravaganza, a holiday tradition that has grown in scope and insanity since its humble beginnings as a cheaply made holiday card for my buds. I had more or less completed this year's story when Winston left us and since he continues to live on in my heart (and because I am a lazy bastard), I felt no need to change it to reflect his passing. Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows of Hack Werker, the author of the countless pulp fiction novels I create the covers for (if you don't, get on Facebook and join the party). This year's epic tome depicts Werker's entrance into Jonny and Winston's lives and how a Christmas miracle changed his perspective on everything. As always, there are plenty of Jonny advertisements and other extras, so be sure to check out the Advertisements and Year in Review links after you finish the story.

Winston was a one-of-a-kind dog who made a monumental impact on my life. The affection people showed him when he was among us and the compassion that was shared with me at his passing are forever etched on my heart. He will not be forgotten.

Happy Holidays.