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To all my Jonny Pals,

Welcome to the 26th installment of the ongoing saga of the noble muse Jonny M., his loving pug Winston, and their fight to save Christmas from the clutches of all the uptight bastards who make life a struggle for the rest of us. The 2015 Jonny Christmas Extravanza was inspired by the two major events of my year: the Pro99 campaign to save intimate theatre in Los Angeles and my performance as Shakespeare's Richard III. For those of you unaware of the Pro99 campaign, it grew from the opposition to Actors Equity Association's well-meaning but misguided plot to kill the vital institutuion of union members volunteering their acting talents to small theatre in L.A. County for a small stipend instead of the contracts they work under at larger houses. For those of you unaware of Richard III, it doesn't matter because I'm such a nimrod that you don't need to be a Shakespearean scholar to follow this idiotic story, believe me.

Whether you agree or disagree with my stand on the 99-seat theatre plan, I'm glad you took the time from this hectic holiday season to have a laugh at the mishaps of Jonny M. For this is the time of year above all others when we should stand united as brothers and sisters in the human family. Those of you who just survived a nightmarish Thanksgiving know that all families have their disagreements but love always manages to trump those differences in the end. The universal family of artists is no different, and I'm honored that your bloodline is as fused in it as mine.

Happy Holidays,