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To all my Jonny Pals,

Thanks for stopping by this, the silver anniversary 25th annual installment of the Jonny Christmas Extravaganza. This year's story was inspired by my Weekly Enemies List and Photoshopping antics on Facebook, so any of you who don't follow me on the social network will have to do your best to keep up.

When I made the first crude Jonny Christmas booklet Jonny, The King and the Gaseous Dragon all the way back in 1990, it never dawned on me that I'd still be at it a quarter century later. And it certainly never would have occurred to me that many of you would have embraced my silliness as part of your annual holiday tradition. The saga of the noble muse Jonny M. and his beloved pug Winston has come to take on deep meaning for me over the years, and I feel honored that you have taken the time to be a part of it.

I hope this idiotic online Extravaganza is the start of your most magical Yuletide ever, filled with love and joy that only this special time of the year can produce. 25 years of bringing you the adventures of Jonny has always made my Christmases the merriest they could be. Thank you for taking this ridiculous journey with me.

Happy Holidays,